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Fix nullability annotation for Tameable#getOwnerUniqueId (Fixes #2968 ) theboyetronic 1 file  892f479fb4ef 22 Feb 20 15:30
Don't NPE on exporting config with null values (Fixes #2973 ) theboyetronic 1 file  49503ef043d8 22 Feb 20 15:22
Fix ProjectilCollideEvent cancellation (Fixes #2953 ) theboyetronic 2 files  7434b6d71024 22 Feb 20 15:00
Do not send PlayerProfile info before initial server send theboyetronic 7 files  e5e4e9f71735 22 Feb 20 14:13
Backport fix for MC-167561 (Fixes #2886 , closes#2960 ) theboyetronic 1 file  4e0ed1f81276 21 Feb 20 18:46
Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit/Spigot)

Upstream has released updates that appears to apply and compile correctly.
This update has not been tested by PaperMC and as with ANY update, please do your own testing

Bukkit Changes:
f52c70ab Fix incorrect nullability in MultipleFacing
6af4c0b2 SPIGOT-5311: Add API to get/set item associated with throwable projectiles
97aeae56 Add set/isAware to disable Vanilla AI components of a Mob

CraftBukkit Changes:
fba9f487 Improve legacy conversion of some materials that changed post flattening
b1ba8749 Move Bukkit.Aware loading/saving to correct location
f7cdb53c SPIGOT-5311: Add API to get/set item associated with throwable projectiles
689f429c #634 : Cross platform patch scripts
ab85433d Add set/isAware to disable Vanilla AI components of a Mob

Spigot Changes:
8faa8b45 Rebuild patches
theboyetronic 86 files  9946cef8c520 21 Feb 20 17:52
Remove extraneous space from host info log message

This has been bothering me for a long time now.
zach 1 file  9f5fadcc7ce3 19 Feb 20 04:57
Make the GUI graph fancier (#2928 ) billygalbreath 3 files  d60a10c9ffb9 19 Feb 20 04:52
Revert "Add root/admin user detection (#2432 )"

This reverts commit 555ca59af75048e5252d9173c8f71b93e55b09f0.

Unknown issue on CentOS/RHEL(?) requires further examination.
zach 3 files  ecfaff5283cf 19 Feb 20 04:32
Add root/admin user detection (#2432 )

This patch detects whether or not the server is currently executing as a privileged user and spits out a warning. The warning serves as a sort-of PSA for newer server admins who don't understand the risks of running as root.

We've seen plenty of bad/malicious plugins hit markets, and there's been a few close-calls with exploits in the past. Hopefully this helps mitigate some potential damage to servers, even if it is just a warning.
eggys82 3 files  555ca59af750 19 Feb 20 04:10
fix tripwire hook BlockPlaceEvent (fixes #2969 ) (#2971 ) trigary0 1 file  e1f3b6d03326 19 Feb 20 03:51



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